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When to keep an herbarium collection separate from a living one in IrisBG



  • Paul Koloszar

    We are just beginning to preserve specimens in an herbarium. Our scenario differs from the three offered as examples, and I would appreciate suggestions on how best to record our collections of those.

    The specimens thus far are collected from our grounds, but they are not from accessioned plants. Rather, they are intended as vouchers for submissions to the Public Gardens as Sentinels Against Invasive Plants (PGSIP) database. So, these are from "spontaneous vegetation" here on the grounds of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. Wild, but certainly not in the sense used by the examples. But, also not part of the collection. Frankly, plants that we are working to eradicate!

    I imagine there may come a time when we are more likely to have herbarium specimens of the type depicted in scenario C, but in the meantime I'm not sure how to handle these few herbarium samples of garden interlopers.

    Thanks in advance,

    Paul Koloszar, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

  • Laura Knutson Murray

    Hello Paul,

    In your scenario, new accessions should be created for the PGSIP populations. Accession parentage can be used if you want to refer to an original accession.  We are working to add all the necessary fields to allow you to export a report from accession data to send to the PGSIP database. In order to select these accessions, a Project called  PGSIP can be created and assigned to the accessions. There will then be no need for a new item or accession type.  

    I hope this helps!


  • Paul Koloszar


    Creating new accessions with "Herbarium" as item type is the route I took.


    Thanks for the input!



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