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2022-07-14: Tree Inspections Presentation for Botanic Gardens of Australia and New Zealand



  • Paul Koloszar

    There were mentions of accessing maps via, and syncing other data with, the "cloud" here. Will the ArcGIS connector implementation require a subscription to the IrisBG Cloud database?

  • Laura Knutson Murray

    The IrisBG - ArcGIS Connector uses Esri's Field Maps app and ArcGIS Online for cloud data storage and synchronization while collecting data on a mobile device online or offline.

    This will require an ArcGIS subscription. Nonprofit organizations, like public gardens, qualify for the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program which provides a subscription that comes at a significantly discounted price

    The data import and mapping modules are required to make use of the IrisBG - ArcGIS Connector. See the prices for these modules here.


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